Web Developer. UI Designer. Average golfer. Red Bull Drinker.

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Skills I have to offer

Web Development

I have extensive Web Development experience both front and back-end, and have a First Class Honours Degree in Web Development with Business.

Responsive Layouts

I have developed fully-responsive Web solutions for real-world clients, and have experience using a number of CSS frameworks, including Bootstrap, Zurb and Pure.

Social Media Optimisation

I have commercial experience working within SEO, so can not only improve your visibility on all major search engines, but I can also run your social media and marketing campaigns.

Extensive Testing

I'm currently working a QA role for a large Sports Media company based in London, Deltatre, and have completed full test-cycles on both the EnglandRugby.com and European Tour websites, so you can be assured your solution will be fully tested.

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Projects I've Worked On

I've worked on a number of very exciting projects, and add new projects to my portfolio regularly. If you want to know more about the work I've done, and what to see the clients I've worked with, then head to the work page where all the projects I've worked on are documented.

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I'm always looking for new, exciting projects, so if you've got a project that needs completing, then feel free to use the following contact form to get in touch, and discuss the details with me.

If you'd prefer, you can contact me directly via email.

I endeavor to reply to emails as swiftly as possible; if I'm not online, I have my phone on me, and will reply using that, oh, the beauty of the smartphone, where would we be without it?